Monday, November 24, 2008


launching TODAY!

is a location based application that allows the users of social networks (e.g. Facebook, Myspace) to connect with their friends in real time. YellowPin is the new way to find where people are hanging out. Want to find out the places where your friends are getting together tonight? Text into YellowPin, and YellowPin will text you back the answers, ranked by the number of YOUR friends at each place.

There's a ton more that you can do with YellowPin through both your Facebook account and text messaging on your mobile phone, and updating your whereabouts is entirely up to you. Find out more and add the application by following this link:

The initial platform for launch is Facebook U.S. I am not sure how familiar you are with Facebook, but it is an online social network (and the 5th most viewed website), the primary use of which is for people to make connections by adding "Friends" to their account, essentially re-creating their own social spheres in this online community. Facebook is most popular with highschool and college age users, which is our target user base as well; active users spend countless hours building up their Friends lists and exchanging messages and virtual gifts with them.

However, once people are away from their computers, the utility of Facebook is severely limited, which is where YellowPin comes in. Think of it as a personalized application that combines the utility of Google Maps and the personalized connections of Facebook. We provide a service through which users can access and share information about their Friends when not at ther computer (i.e. through their mobile device). If you are out in a city, or specific part of a city, and want to see where your Friends are, you can send a simple text to YellowPin querying, among other features, where a specific Friend is, where are the most popular places in your area (as based on Friends at that place); you can also push invites to your Friends and inform them of your location to have them join you. Since the information is only shared between a user and his/her Friends that he/he has previously spent time cultivating through Facebook, the information maintains both relevancy and privacy. Also, since a user gets increasing utility from the application as more of his/her Friends are also users of the application, there is an inherent virality to the application that incentivizes users to get their Friends to join.

Potential users of YellowPin sign up for the service through their Facebook account and pay a modest subscription fee (99 cents per month) that is billed directly to their mobile phones.

Go to and sign up today! The first month is free and see how you can stay connected and let your friends know where you are (when you want) and to see where your friends are throughout your city or town.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Many places are eliminating plastic bags in grocery stores and stores across the USA, brining in a whole new fashion for reusable bags. I have posted the FEED bag, which profits go towards feeding hungry school children in Rwanda. Just this morning I saw on the Today show the Its-laS-tik bags, made in New Orleans, LA. Different from all other canvas and cotton bags, these bags are elastic and every aspect of the product is outsourced from New Orleans.
To learn more about these bags visit their website: