Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We've all had our own issues with traffic: sitting in a car on the highway stuck in bumper to bumper, anxious to get to where youre going; on the bus late to school; in a cab late to a meeting; the subway is too crowded to get on, etc. For now its inevitable and in cities where "on time" means ON TIME, we need a solution.
Thanks to Clear Channel and the District Department of Transportation, Washington D.C. will be the first self-service public bike rental program in the U.S. Structured to enhance the city's public transportation system,Sma
rt Bike D.C. , located in the central business district, will have bike rental kiosks throughout the area.
By joining the bike share program, you have access to the 120 bikes provided in DC at 10 locations throughout the downtown area. The four-speed, one-size-fits-all bike are available for up to three hours, where you return the bike to any Smart Bike kiosk.
Bike share programs have flourished in European cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Hopefully in the next few months we can see great progress with the Smart Bike D.C. and other cities will adapt to this new public transportation system!
to learn more click click on Smart Bike D.C. or go to www.smartbikedc.com


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