Thursday, November 15, 2007


(PRODUCT) RED is an "economic initiative designed to create awareness and a sustainable flow of money from the private sector into the Global Fund, to fight the AIDS pandemic in Africa" set up by Bono and Bobby Shriver. A portion of profits from (PRODUCT)RED that are sold go directly to the Global Fund. Brands that are involved so far are: American Express, Converse, Gap, Emporio Armani, Motorola, Apple and Hallmark (the latest to join the roster).
Other than raising money, it raises awareness of the issue. So far, people in Swaziland, Rwanda and Ghana have benefited from (PRODUCT)RED.
Designed not for consumers to buy things just because it is behind a good cause, (PRODUCT)RED but because of the idea that someone was going to buy it anyway. (ie. iPods, Gap clothes, cell phones, holiday cards)
So when the holidays are just around the corner and you are purchasing your Hallmark cards for the corporate holiday parties, your significant other wanting that iPod or a new shirt for a relative, keep in mind the (PRODUCT)RED label and where that percentage of your money will go.

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