Monday, November 5, 2007


-25 % of Houston families with children live in poverty.
-61% of low-income 8th graders can not perform basic math problems
-Children living in poverty typically score BELOW the 35th percentile on National Achievement Tests
In August 2002, Yellowstone Academy opened in the Third Ward in Houston, Texas as a high quality private Christian school to serve exclusively the very low-income children growing up in difficult family circumstances. The school starts with Pre-K and goes up to the 4th grade. Each year the school hopes to add a grade, going all the way up to 8th grade.
Each classroom door has a sign that announces their graduating class year, which gives the children a vision and a goal. Each classroom has one teacher and one teacher's assistant and many volunteers come through out the week to help students one-on-one.
Yellowstone Academy is a great place to volunteer! You quickly fall in love with the children as they truly appreciate your time for them. Last spring I volunteered in the classrooms twice a week, being in each classroom for an hour with Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade and absolutely fell in love with the children. I also went on their field trip to the Rodeo, which was so enjoyable. There are many different volunteering opportunities: as a classroom volunteer, helping out with field trips, after school programs or in the library. These kids made my day, and I am positive they will make yours too.
If you are interested learning more about Yellowstone Academy go to their website

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