Tuesday, January 22, 2008


www.prisonproxy.blogspot.com is the blogumentary of a young man incarcerated with a life sentence in the Texas State Penitentiary. Prison Proxy covers everything from daily happenings to philosophical revelations, such as the paradox of freedom.

It’s your looking glass in to the absurdity of prison life. You will learn of its political, logistical and sociocultural aspects. You will meet the kinds of people who dwell in prison. From the evil and corrupted, to the few who don’t belong, and especially the majority who turn into products of their environment.

You will learn about how one particular prisoner, the author, is trying to circumvent the absurdities of his situation by taking college courses, investing in the stock market and planning for a future beyond his confinement.

It’s captivating. Educating. Enlightening. Frightening. And truly eccentric.


submitted by Marc Feder

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