Monday, February 4, 2008


Are you tired of sending cheesy, prefabricated Hallmark cards to friends and loved ones? Why not support an independent artist and great friend!
"Global images...universal messages..." MUNDO IMAGES offers greeting cards, notecards and signed photographs taken by the artist herself, Ann Peterson. "Ann has lived in several different countries and has traveled the world, often as a volunteer or teacher educating young people about the fragile balance of the Earth's biodiversity.
MUNDO IMAGES uses ancient forest friendly paper that is 100% recycled, processed chlorine free, and manufactured with wind power.
A percentage of the profit from the sale of the greeting cards, note cards and photographs will be donated to the organizations that benefit the world's natural environment and its creatures- all of us!"
check out their website to see a variety of beautiful photographs made into great greeting cards with universal messages!!


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