Friday, October 26, 2007


I would absolutely love if people have things GOOD ENOUGH to contribute! The best way I think to share all this good information is if you leave a comment on THIS POST. Type up what you want to share as GOOD ENOUGH...(create your own) and I will copy and paste it as a regular posting and will take it off the comment site.
You can also navigate it by the right hand side of the site and clicking on GOOD ENOUGH...TO CONTRIBUTE and it will take you right to that post.
Share the good words!!


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Padgett Hoke said...

Hey Emma!

I love the new blog, it is so much fun to check. What a cool idea! I am sure you have heard of my "good enough" but I thought that in the case you hadn't, it might be good to add! My idea is the "good listen to" - Pandora ( Pandora is an online site that acts like a radio station however you are able to input an artist or song, then pandora takes that artist/song and compiles your own radio station from it. You are able to do all sorts of different things on the site like check out other peoples 'stations' and bookmark songs and such. It is a really good way to hear new music. Pandora is definetly worth the title of 'good enough'.

Hopefully this is something new for you to play around with, I have wasted countless hours on it! Anyway I love the site and will continue to ponder things that are 'good enough'!

love, your cousin Padgett