Monday, October 29, 2007


TO ENSURE THE SUSTAINABILITY OF THE MAASAI PEOPLE'S WAY OF LIFE During my time in Tanzania I had the opportunity to get to know an amazing young man named Kesuma Ole Kasi Kasi, who happens to be a Maasai warrior. Kesuma started an organization called Kitumusote with the help from a couple in Los Angeles and a great friend I met while volunteering, Golnaz Mindell. Kitumusote is a registered NGO (non-governmental organization) that benefits the Maasai people of Tanzania, to provide education combined with research, initiatives and activities to relieve ignorance and poverty of the Maasai to implement locally sustainable community based projects.
The Maasai are an indigenous semi-nomadic tribe in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Known for their beautiful robes and beaded jewelry.
One way to help support Kitumusote is to go on a Maasai cultural safari, which we were fortunate enough to do. This entailed of going to the village where Kesuma grew up and spend two full days with the Maasai tribe, immersing ourselves in their daily life and customs. We went on a traditional medicinal hike, experienced the sacrificing of a goat, listened to oral histories told by an elder, watched and participated in warrior dances, visited families in their bomas (dung huts) and learned the art of bead work, which the Maasai are known for. An over night trip, where you have the opportunity to sleep in a boma, which was extremely interesting, gives you the perfect impression of Maasai life.
There are many ways to get involved with Kitumusote, even if you are half a world away from Tanzania. On their website there is a list of ways you can help, (donate a certain amount of money and you could help plant trees, build a permanent water supply, or sponsor a women's literacy class. Learn more about Kitumusote and read about volunteering your time with the Maasai community!

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